HIT Media Enterprises History


Advertising sales, media placement services, installation and programming consultation for the original Sony Jumbotron in Times Square for cross-promotions, live programming and event advertising supplied bysponsors and our national advertising base.


National retail installation, systems integration and program management for the Warner Bros. in-store video wall systems.

Multimedia video consulting for multiple monitor installations, production, in-mall promotions, and sponsorship sales in the Mall of America(which brings more than 30 million visitors per year.)


C.A.R.T. Grand Prix Racing Tour for the combination of multiple display systems to facilitate easy event viewing by spectators for targeted advertising and sponsorship/product awareness and cross promoted through radio, print, television and retail systems.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for production and advertising consulting related to installation of the nations largest indoor video wall, multimedia monitor displays for casino advertisers, and hotel promotions.

The PGA Tour for the use of on-site, giant outdoor video display systems for live production, sponsorship sales and promotion.

1994- Present:

The Association of Volleyball Professionals National Tour for advertising and sponsorship cross-promotions related to large mobile outdoor screens, in-store movie theater kiosks, local advertising, and event cross-promotions. National sites includes: Hermosa Beach, California; San Diego, California; Miami Beach, Florida; Daytona Beach, Florida.


Association of Tennis Professional Worldwide Tour for new video wall display technologies, sponsorship acquisition, on-site advertising, and production. National sites included Tour Championships in PonteVedra, Florida; ATP Nationals in Cincinnati, Ohio; West Coast Championships in Los Angeles, California; and the U.S. Open in New York.

Researched and developed new markets offered by out of home “new media” technologies. HME’s team successfully negotiated to build new national networks and provide media placement services, networking services, advertising sales, and promotional strategies for major banks’ ATM divisions, retailers for on screen full-motion video programming, major oil companies for on-screen gas pump promotions, interactive ticketing, mass transit and in store flat panel display advertising


First ATM on screen advertising at the “ Please wait while your transaction is being processed “ screen prompt for on site banking ATMs for Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other major banks. Ads were sent over dial-up and uploaded to an add on pc and software package located inside of ATM machine


Development of the first full scale rolls out of an ATM universal topper advertising display unit. Unit universally adjusted and integrated over the top of ANY existing standalone ATM machine.


Conceptualized, developed and deployed DVD/CD dispensing KIOSKS equipped with flat panel advertising screens located on top of units. Units were deployed within captive corporate work force buildings. Strong relationships were forged with vending machine operators nationwide to partner with the DVD/CD KIOSK roll out

Display software was developed for the convenience store industry, software enabled the convenience store management to VIA PC to drop, click and create ads related to the convenience stores product inventory. Ads were then automatically scheduled to play on convenience stores flat panel displays.


Expanded new technology in the national banking industry by co-developing ATM networks with advertising potential of 15,000+ screens nationwide.

Negotiated national network for digital screens on Kiosks and ATM Machines with TGIF restaurants.

Established first digital media network in a public transit system (BART), which included 12 large flat panel screens with touch screen capabilities in the 12 largest BART stations along with interactive kiosks to provide additional services and ticketing for BART riders.


Developed relationship with Broadband VOIP, VSAT & satellite content for International Digital Content Delivery Systems through 3 Rivers Digital.

Cultivated partnership with Vertical Systems, Inc., worldwide leader in providing guest services technology and solutions to the hospitality industry, acquiring access to 1700 plus advertising screens worldwide.


Placed large advanced media systems for the Las Vegas Convention for Video Software Industry, established Gentry Magazine Show, Relax Magazine Show, theLas Vegas Movie Distribution Show, the San Antonio Kiosk Networks Show, and Negotiated for large outdoor LED installations for Santana Row, Universal Studios, and others.

Recently, HIT Media Enterprises has developed long-term relationships with Captive Media, Las Vegas, Convention Center media companies, Monster Media, Pier 39, SFOTV, mobile screen companies and manufacturers, and new Kiosk Manufacturers.

Designed and placed mobile screens for the San Jose Chamber of Commerce Annual BBQ, San Jose Grand Prix for 4 mobile screen installations, San Jose Football tailgate parties, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the Orloff Williams ad agency and other marketing and promotional events throughout the Bay Area.

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