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HIT Media Enterprises is managed by individuals with a depth of experience in out-of-home digital media screen development, national events, national retail installations, advertising sales, and operational support as well as general business experience in high growth enterprises. The combination of experience and depth of industry contacts makes this team uniquely prepared to realize the unlimited growth potential related to the advanced digital media industry this team helped to create.

Our executive management team consists of Scott Cox as Founder, CEO and Co-Manager.

HME’s executive management along with its advisors over the last 12 years have focused on the development of digital media advertising including digital display installation and satellite delivery systems for markets specific to the out-of-home markets.


G. Scott Cox (Founder and CEO). Mr. Cox has worked on research, development, marketing and installation of point-of-sale digital video display systems and large outdoor video systems for over 15 years. Scott has a unique background in marketing, advertising, film & video production, media buying, digital systems integration and media planning. Scott’s experience includes co-promoting and co-producing special events such as corporate meetings, concerns and sporting events, strategic with international industry leaders such as Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Fujitsu, NEC and many others. He has had expensive experience in television commercial production and media placement strategies for major automobile companies such as General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler and Mercedes Benz, and advertising agencies such as BBD&O Advertising, Bozell Advertising, McCann-Ericson Advertising, Grey Advertising, New York and Saactchi Advertising International.

As founder and President of Visual Graphics International and Senior Marketing Consultant to Sony, Panasonic and Hibino Audio-Visual, Japan from 1990-1996, Scott implemented national service offices, systems management and maintenance teams and consulted on programming, production and sponsorship needs related to many national retail and sporting venue installations. Some of these installations include Sony Jumbotron Screen in Times Square, New York, the video monitor advertising and information network in the Mall of America, and one of the largest video wall installations in the U.S. located at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, and Video Wall installations for Warner Brothers and Disney Stores. For the past nine years, Mr. Cox has focused on digital display, satellite/intranet delivery, and digital advertising markets specific to the point of sale, in store, gas pump and ATM industries. Industry experience includes contracting for the Bank and Non Bank ATM locations, Interactive Kiosks, and digital display networks.


HME has recruited industry experts to advise the Company’s management in various aspects of the business.

Christyne Pavone has over nine years experience as a national and local sales manager for The Network of City Business Journals. Representing over 69 Business Journals across the country, she managed national accounts such as Verizon, eBay, Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Intel and Apple to name a few. Working with some of the largest Advertising Agencies across the country, Christyne helped clients maximize their advertising budgets effectively to an exclusive business to business audience .

Charles Prideaux has been in the broadcast and entertainment business for over 30 years, founder and president of Paladin Entertainment Inc, group out of the greater Denver, Colorado area and has created, developed and managed world class events. For the past fourteens years Paladin has been the Producer and Technical Producer of the New Years Eve in Times Square, including the 24-hour NYC Millennium show. Current past projects include, Ryder Cup, Jerry Lewis/MDA Telethon, World Cup, Salt Lake City Olympics, XFL Football, Sydney Olympics, Goodwill Games NYC, Atlanta Summer Olympics, Barcelona Summer Olympics, NY Mets and Yankee Baseball, NY Nicks and Nets Basketball, NY Ranger and Islander Hockey, Giant Stadium Concerts and Madison Square Garden Concerts just to name a few of the events and sports activities he has been involved.

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